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Public Prosecutor Mathur names an accused, Sandeep Mishra, and three other suspects who had arranged the homicide of Lucknow-based journalist Monica. The trio are Aseem Ray - a wealthy publisher; Pamela Grewal - a businesswoman; and Chandrakant Pandit - the former Telecom Minister and soon-to-be Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh. With odds stacked heavily against him, Mathur presents, what is an apparent circumstantial case before a female judge, and must prove beyond a reasonable shadow of doubt, that Sandeep was directly involved - even though direct evidence indicates that the murder was committed by two unknown males, and that the deceased victim lived a dual life.

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Release: 2011

Language: Hindi

Duration: 2 hr 4 min

IMDB Rating: 5.3

Genres: Drama, Thriller,